President Muhammadu Buhari had issued a stern warning to leaders of the All Progressives Party to desist from “name-calling and backstabbing ahead of the March 26 Convention of the party.”
The President urged the leaders of the party to steadfast for it to sustain political dominance in the country.
Buhari enjoined the members of the APC to learn the lessons of disunity, mismanagement and corruption from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party which ruled the country for 16 years.
The President’s warning was contained in a statement by his  Senior Special Assistant Media & Publicity, Mr Garba Shehu, on Saturday.
The President cautioned that while the APC is entitled to its share of infra party squabbles, which is normal, parties torn apart by competing egos are out for the worst fate.
He said, “President Muhammadu Buhari warns the leaders (and membership) of the All Progressives Party  (APC) to desist from name-calling and backstabbing ahead of the oncoming March 26 Convention, remain steadfast and maintain its unity if the party is to continue in the path of victory and its dominance at all levels throughout the country.
“President Buhari asks the members to look at the once-powerful, “main opposition” Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) now enfeebled and adrift and learn lessons in disunity, mismanagement and corruption.”They failed in 16 years in power and a failure as opposition.
”“Yes, we are entitled to our own share of dissent and intra-party discord. These are common in all parties, left and right all over the world.
”But parties splintered by competing egos destine themselves to the worst possible fate,” the President warned.
”As the country prepares for the long run up to the 2023 presidential election, we all expect a robust debate on the issues that matter and what is going in the APC should be a reflection of this, not the infighting we are seeing. There must be no more distractions ahead of the convention to choose new leaders.”
He noted that the APC which has been in existence for barely eight months has become the dominant party because “it has thrown open its doors to defectors from other parties, big and small.”
‘”We didn’t start on the note of arrogance of power, nor see government as a vehicle for self-aggrandizement, to be held at all costs, but a vehicle to bring development to all without discrimination-political, ethnic or regional to our dear country made this success possible.” Buhari said 

The President expressed concern over what he described as the intense negative media coverage of the party’s internal division and magnifying same.
“It is equally clear that over the last week or so, the internal management affairs of the APC have been afforded generous media coverage – over and above its importance to the voters of Nigeria.

“It is important to ask what benefits the poor are getting during the period of intense negative coverage.”


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