The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has enjoined his Ebonyi counterpart, Dave Umahi to return to the Peoples Democratic Party, the mandate the got to rule his state through the party’s platform.

Wike also condemned in strong terms, Governor Umahi’s  invectives on Justice Ekwo, after the verdict sacking him as Governor of Ebonyi, describing it as reckless.

The Rivers Governor said that the apology tendered by Umahi after his scathing condemnation of the judge amounted to insulting somebody in the market and apologizing to him in the secret.

Wike spoken at the inauguration of the Eastern Bypass Road project in Port Harcourt, on Saturday.

He said that it was wrong for a party to work hard to sponsor a candidate, and support him to win an election only for the candidate to say he had defected to another party.

Wike said that such a political prostitution should not be encouraged.

 “Look at a governor making a reckless statement simply because a judge made a judgement according to his own opinion, which you are entitled to appeal up to Supreme Court.

“You have called somebody a thief in the market and you’re saying I’m sorry, It is late. That your sorry, we the members of the public, we don’t take it.” He said 

Wike said that if the PDP had taken the bold decision to challenge the defections at the National Assembly in the court, the party would have avoided some of the challenges facing it.

He said that the PDP’s quest to retrieve its mandate from the Ebonyi State Governor would  be  pursued  to the Supreme Court,

“If our party had done this earlier when people were leaving in the National Assembly, we wouldn’t  have had the problem we are having today.

“That is one of the problems of party leadership. People cannot come out and take the bull by the horn. 

“So, Governor Umahi, be rest assured that PDP will continue this matter down to Supreme Court. We will continue with the matter.

“You carry the votes of another party and join another party. Can you transfer votes? You work hard for somebody to win election and tomorrow, the person says I have defected.

“If you have defected, leave the seat if you know it’s easy. And this will checkmate most of these political harlots who will never sit one place.

Wike also said that he would take up the Deputy Governor of Edo State Mr Philip Shuaibu for daring the authority of the party that gave him a platform to contest and win the last gubernatorial election in the state.

“This is the thing I am talking about impunity. I was watching when a deputy governor was ranting in the media, threatening the party that there is an alternative to PDP.

“This is the same deputy governor who knelt down to beg for us to give them umbrella. Today, he has the effrontery to threaten PDP.” He said


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