The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike on Thursday advised the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, to ignore envious critics from his state.

Wike said that Obi performed well as Governor in Anambra State and that some people are now envious of him because of his current status.

Wike spoke during the commissioning of the Ikoku Flyover in Port which he invited the Labour Party Presidential Candidate to commission.

In an obvious reference to the Governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles Soludo over his recent verbal diatribe against Obi, Wike said people are saying all manner of rubbish against him because of his rising profile.

“You have worked very well in Anambra. But some people because of the level you are now, they are envying you, they can come out and say all manner of rubbish, don’t worry, that is how it is.

“It is your own people that will kill you first, so don’t bother about those things. I have told people, stop criticizing people who have already left. If you are a professor, professor well, if you are a doctor, doctor well, and a lawyer, lawyer well, and a mechanic, mechanic well.,”

Soludo had attacked Obi in a lengthy article on Monday, claiming that he would not win the presidential election.

Soludo who also condemned Obi’s claim of making huge savings for Anambra State during his tenure, said that governments exist to save lives and not to save money.

Wike promised to give logistics support to Peter Obi in all his campaigns in Rivers State.

“Any time you want to come and campaign in the state let me know. All the logistic support we will give to you. I mean as someone he had honoured to come and inaugurate my projects without saying he is not in my party, it means when he comes here for campaign and he needs vehicles, as a state government we will give him support to go for his campaign.

“You were supposed to inaugurate the Rumueprikon Flyover but I changed my mind that you should commission this Nkpolu-Oroworokwo where people call Ikoku.

“I am sure you know that most of the traders, like you say you are a trader, most of your colleague traders are here. I said it would be better for them to receive you. When I started this flyover there was a lot of blackmail and campaign that I was chasing the Igbos away. There was nothing they didn’t say.

“Here was as bad as anything. But I said business could only thrive in a good environment. Today all of them appreciate why we need to do this road. People don’t like good things. This construction has nothing to do with any ethnic group. It is to enhance and improve economic activities.

“Nigerians should stop. If you want to do anything, you begin to bring ethnicity and religion. When I chase you away what will be the economy of this state? It is my interest that people will do business here, economic activities will peak and the IGR will come up and we will use the money to develop our state.” He added

Speaking at the event, the LP candidate restated his position that the 2023 election would be determined by character, competence and capacity and not ethnicity or tribe.

He said: “Next year’s election will not be based on tribe. Don’t vote for me because I am an Igbo man. It will not depend on religion because no church buys bread cheaper. It is the turn of Nigerians to take back the country. Wike is showing his results now. We need people who are competent. Election will be based on capacity and ability to deliver.

“No doubt you have performed. You have worked for your people and for Nigeria. You have remained consistent in your position. Character, competence and capacity you have shown as a governor.

“What is important is among these 18 presidential candidates, who can fulfill his promises. Infrastructure is critical. I will change Niger Delta if I have the opportunity of serving Nigeria. You have restored Port Harcourt to its glory.

“If we leave state for him, he will leave the centre for us. We wont quarrel with you. Just give us the centre and take the state. We represent the future of Nigeria. Hold me responsible. I know what it takes to turn around Nigeria. I know the problem of Nigeria. Nigeria is not productive. Port Harcourt will remain the export city of this country.

“Remain consistent. It is not easy when you say the truth. You have people who believe in lies and not keeping promises as your enemies. I am begging you to take this one and give me this one. I will ensure that Rivers will be great.” Obi said


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