Reps Urge FG To Suspend Implementation Of Samoa Agreement Until…


    The House of Representatives on Tuesday called on the Federal Government to suspend the implementation of the Samoa Agreement until all controversial clauses are clearly defined to make sure they do not violate any law in Nigeria.

    The House also mandated the Committees on National Planning and Economic Development, Justice, Treaties, Protocol and Agreements to interface on the matter.

    Speaking on the motion, Chief Whip of the House of Representatives, Usman Bello Kumo cautioned against the controversial Samoa Agreement which purportedly allows for same sex marriage in Nigeria. 


    Rep. Kumo who expressed doubt about the claim that the Samoa deal promotes LGBT, said the agreement should be properly scrutinized to avoid any booby trap.

    The member representing Akko federal constituency of Gombe State made the remarks while speaking in support of the motion for the repudiation of the agreement.

    “Let me speak for and in support of the motion raised by Hon. Ali Madaki. In a world where its common to proclaim black inferiority, in a world where there is evidence to the contrary but insist that black Africa is synonymous to poverty, misery and other social evil. It is from this world that every right thinking Nigerian should rise to vehemently, resist, object and reject anything that would bring about interfering or working against our religion and our moral values.

    “So, l will be very glad and l pray that what the Executive (arm) are saying is the truth and nothing but the truth. If it is, we are home and dry, if it is not we are calling on everybody involved that this agreement should not only be withdrawn but an apology should be render to all Nigerians and this is my position,” Reps Kumo argued.

    Speaking earlier on the motion, the Deputy Minority Leader, Aliyu Madaki who sponsored the motion alongside 88 others, called attention to some allegedly offensive clauses in the agreement.

    According to Madaki, in his lead debate, the agreement purportedly promotes LGBT rights, which are against extant laws in the country.

    He said that the implementation of the agreement is a supremacy Clause, and thus violates Nigeria’s sovereignty.

    He said some other articles, especially articles 2 5, 29.5, 36 2, and 88 in the Samoa Agreement that was signed by the Federal Government may be inimical to the interest of Nigeria as a country and the values of the Nigeria people as a whole more so it does not contain a reservation clause.

    He also explained that Article 2.5 states that parties shall systematically promote a gender perspective and ensure that gender equality is mainstreamed across all countries.

    “The phrase gender equality as reported is a Trojan horse for deceptively bringing in all sort of immorality to our country, as gender no longer means two sexes male and female as traditionally understood, it now includes homosexualism, lesbianism, transgenderism and animalism.

    “The signing of such an agreement with the aforementioned clauses, if true violates our sovereignty and is a clear contravention of section 7 of the 1999 constitution as amended. The Federal Government may have signed the agreement without exhaustive consultations and consideration for possible long-term consequences.

    Debating on the motion, the leader of the House, Julius Ihonvbere said that the public has been misled about the agreement, insisting that the LGBTQ was not included in the agreement.


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