Former Chief Whip of the Edo State House of Assembly, Honorable Pascal Ugbome, has expressed concern that the country is not working in accordance with expectations.

Ugbome has submitted his Peoples Democratic Party expression of interest and senatorial nomination forms for Edo North.

Speaking with our Correspondent in Abuja, after submitting his form, Ugbome said that Nigeria is not working at the moment and the people can’t just fold their hands and continue to complain.

“With the situation and challenges that have every right-thinking person will want to get involved and find solutions. It is a terrible situation of poverty and insecurity; life has lost its meaning.” He said

Ugbome expressed the optimism that Nigeria will be a better place when positive and dynamic individuals with focus occupy the Red Chambers and indeed the whole of the National Assembly .

The former Chief Whip of the Edo State House of Assembly, said that, he sees the Senate as an opportunity to use the law as an instrument of creating a descent society for the citizenry.

He stated that if elected a Senator, he will ensure effective and productive representation that would uplift the people of Edo North Senatorial District.

Ugbome said he has the experience and pedigree, having been a member of the Edo State House of Assembly, where he was Chief Whip as well as, being a Local Government Council Chairman.

Ugbome, stressed that with the experience acquired as a member of the executive and state legislator, he was at home with the functions and responsibilities of a lawmaker.

On the insecurity currently ravaging the country, the Edo State born politician and lawyer said that, with regards to the fundamental rights to life of Nigerians and the right to self-defense, people should be allowed to carry arms after due security checks must have been put in place as it obtains in advanced countries of the world.

He said Nigerians must not be consigned to a life of perpetual fear stating that terror should be balanced.

“If I have an assault weapon and you have an assault weapon, and you are coming to my house to attack me, you will think twice. There must be mutual respect.” He said.

Ugbome is worried that lawlessness is now a profitable venture in the society.

“It now pays to be lawless, if you are bold enough to challenge the law, then you rule. Those who are respecting the are now the victims.

“So, let’s liberalize the rights and let everybody bear arms after going through due security checks as it happens in advanced countries and Insecurity will naturally minimize”.

He said the state police will checkmate the current spate of banditry, terrorism and kidnapping in Nigeria.

The former lawmaker said he will work to ensured that the vigilance groups are further revolutionized and better equipped.

“We need to bring everything down! I believe in True Federalism, let us have Local Police, let the Vigilante be transformed into Local Government Police, then you have State Police, Federal Police, and let each individual who can and has met stipulated requirements, bear arms. I assure you that this whole thing automatically will be checked.” He disclosed.

The Senatorial District is currently represented by Senator Francis Alimikhena

Ugbome said there is need for a more vibrant representation which is what has inspired his ambition.

Pascal Ugbome is a practicing lawyer and a seasoned politician. He has business interest in Agriculture and Commerce.


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