Kidnappers Abduct 13 Year Old Girl in Madallah, Niger State, Near FCT


Some bandits have abducted a 13 year old girl from her home in Madallah, a boundary town between Niger State and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The bandits abducted the 13 year old girl in the early hours of Thursday at a place called Up Redeemed, Madallah New Site by 3 am on Thursday.

A resident of the street told the Network that the bandits attacked the residence of the a POS operator in the night and forced their way into the premises to kidnap the girl.

The source said that the kidnappers also took N100,000 from the lady, gave a machete cut before taking away her child.

It was gathered that the kidnappers also collected all the food items in the house while leaving.

The PoS operator whose husband was said to be away at the time hid her second child, a boy inside a wardrobe to prevent him from being abducted.

It was gathered that the kidnappers removed the burglary proof from the bathroom window to gain entry to the house.

They were said to have threatened the woman not to make any call calls as they pointed touch lights to her to intimidate her.

The source said, “Kidnappers attacked the residence of a PoS operator from Edo State and abducted one of her two children, a 13 year old girl.

“They invaded the residence between 2am and 3am on Thursday morning. They operated for about an hour before going away with the girl.

The lady hid the other child in the wardrobe so they didn’t see him.

“When they were trying to take away the girl, the woman tried to resist them so they gave her a cut with their sword.

They took the girl to the heavy rocks at the end of the street and escaped from there.

They all took away the food items in the house while leaving.

“The police came in the morning to take a look at the place and that is all for now.

“The kidnappers have not contacted the family for any ransom.”


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