Gov Uzodinma Lacks the Powers To Handpick a Monarch for My Kingdom- Deposed Traditional Ruler


… Vows to Drag Imo Govt to Court

The traditional ruler of Obibi Uratta, Eze Prof. Amaobi Uwaleke, who was deposed last week has said that the state Governor Hope Uzodinma, lacks the powers to remove him from his throne.

The Monarch was dethroned and a certificate of recognition was issued to his replacement, Eze Boniface Ariri.

The embattled Eze argued that it is not the culture of the people to have their traditional rulers crowned in the Imo State Government House.

The Eze Prof. Amaobi, stressed that he was selected and crowned by the Oha Uratta Supreme Council at Orie Uratta Market Square in strict adherence to requirements of the tradition of Uratta Ancient Clan.

The deposed king said that the Governor was wrong in handpicking a king for the community without recourse to the tradition of the community.

“I wish to state categorically that no one becomes an Eze in Uratta without being crowned by Oha Uratta Supreme Council and at Orie Uratta Market Square. We have a long tradition by Uratta people such that Ezes don’t appear from anywhere. The Eze is made by the people, (selected) and crowned by the Oha Uratta Supreme Council before being taken to the government for recognition.”

“It is pertinent to know that the Oha Uratta Supreme Council, according to Uratta tradition do not crown two persons for the same throne in the same community at the same time.

“The present Governor of Imo State from the back door yesterday called and presented to Bon Ariri with a Staff Of Office without an initial Letter Of Recognition, while HRM Eze Prof Amaobi Uwaleke already has both Letter Of Recognition and Staff Of Office since 2018 and 2020 respectively fom Imo State government.

“The Oha Uratta Supreme Council has that prerogative to give Eze’s of Uratta title names and not the Government; what makes an Eze is the Crown the Oha Uratta Supreme Council places on the Head of the Eze Uratta during the crowning ceremony and no Oha Uratta Supreme Council did that on Bon Ariri up till today. He is therefore not an Eze in Obibi or recogrised in Uratta.

“It is not the right of the Government of Imo State to select or crown an Eze for any Community in Uratta although the law permits the Governor of the State to issue Letter Of Recognition and Staff-Of-Office.

“Therefore the Imo State Governor’s efforts to present another Staff Of Office to Bon Ariri when there is one already with Eze Prof Amaobi Uwaleke, is null and void, and totally an effort in futility that will not stand the test of time. The Obibi people therefore have vowed to fight this anomaly in the Court of Law. “

He added that at the time, that he was made to pay to the Imo State House of Assembly, the Revalidation of Autonomous Community Fee of N300,000 on behalf of Obibi Uratta Autonomous Community.


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