The source said that another ‘sin’ of Buni which irked the President and his men was his decision to set up a committed on zoning after Governor El Rufai had announced the party’s decision of zoning to swap positions between the North and the South
“Secondly when this issue of zoning that El Rufai announced happened, Buni still went ahead and constituted a committee. What for? So for Mr President, it is like, is this man not aware that we have tied this issue? What is the need for the committee?”

The APC chieftain said that the third offence which angered the President who had shown reluctance to remove Buni was his strongly speculated bid to succeed himself. Buni was said to the indecisive people on the issue of the National Convention of the party.
He was said to have left the party in doubt about the possibility of holding the National Convention by March 26, as scheduled by his committee.
The source said that Buni had left everybody in doubt about the feasibility  of the Party holding the convention in March, 26.
Investigation revealed that top Party members are not even sure if Buni wrote the Indepedent National Electoral Commission to give the requisite 21 days notice for the convention.
“Now there are reports that we didn’t write INEC to hold the convention. It means that conversely you are trying to postpone the convention.Any decision must be obeyed immediately. Now it is beyond the 21 days unless he had written.” He added 


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