Senate Rejects Pension For Presiding Officers


The Senate on Tuesday brought to an end the controversy surrounding the request to grant life pension to presiding officers of the legislature.

The rejection occurred on Tuesday during the vote on the report of the Senate Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution (Fifth Alteration) Bills, 2022.

The Senate threw out the bill as the Senators who voted on the matter rejected it

Out of the 88 senators who registered to vote on the bill, 53 voted against it while 34 voted for it.

However, the Senate approved financial autonomy for state legislatures, judiciary and local governments in the country.

92 out of 109 Senators voted overwhelmingly to pass the Local Government Financial Autonomy Bill.

The Bill seeks alteration of the 1999 Constitution (as amended), to grant financial autonomy to the 776 local government councils in the country.

On Monday, the Nigeria Labour Congress had led a protest to demand autonomy for the local government and the judiciary.

The Senate also rejected the bills to override Presidential veto in Constitution Alteration; and to override Presidential veto in respect of ordinary money bills.

The bills which were thrown out required four-fifth representing a total of 88 Senators and two-thirds majority (votes of 73 Senators) to pass, respectively.

Out of 94 Senators who registered to vote on the bill to override presidential veto in constitutional alteration, 79 of them voted in support and 15 against it. The bill fell short of the needed 88 votes (four-fifth requirement) to pass.

The bill to override presidential veto in respect of money bills, also fell short of the required two-third majority. Out of a total of 84 registered Senators, 44 voted in support, and 39 against the bill.


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