Police chase away Igboho’s men from Beninois court


Supporters of Sunday Adeyemo (aka Sunday Igboho), who is standing trial in a Court of Appeals in Cotonou, Benin Republic, were barred yesterday from observing his trial.

About 7.30pm, the police dispersed them from the court premises after waiting for about 12 hours.

The stern security personnel, who came in two Hilux vans, insisted that everyone, including journalists, should vacate the scene.

There was no word on why the action was taken.

It was learnt about midnight that the Judge ruled that Igboho should be returned to custody.

His supporters became apprehensive when the trial, which was adjourned on Thursday, did not commence throughout the day.

He is believed to be facing extradition hearing to determine whether he will be taken to Nigeria or be allowed to go.

Our correspondent learnt that Igboho was brought to the court as early as 7am

He was kept in a special room where only his wife, Ropo, and his lawyers had access to.

His supporters besieged the court, waiting for the proceedings to begin, but the prolonged delay heightened their anxiety.

They included some traditional rulers, who became increasingly worried over where the pendulum of justice would swing in the extradition request brought against him by Nigeria.

As early as 8 am, many supporters from Nigeria, and in the Benin Republic, started arriving at the court premises.

But the trial did not start, leaving them frustrated.

Exhausted about 3pm, many of them were seen sleeping on bare floor.

They refused to leave the court premises despite repeated entreaties from court and security personnel.

“He will be freed unfailingly today no matter how long the delay lasts,” an Igboho supporter said.

Some later began to exhibit unruly tendencies. Frustrated by the delay, some of them were venting their anger on anyone who took pictures or recorded videos of events in the court premises, including journalists who tried to feed their newsrooms with updates in the.

There was a heavy presence of security personnel in the court.

Nobody volunteered information or was ready to entertain questions from local and international reporters who were on hand to cover the proceedings.

Igboho was arrested at the Cardinal Bernadin International Airport in Cotonou while he was trying to travel to Germany.

The Department of State Services (DSS) declared him wanted after invading his home on July 1.

DSS spokesman, Peter Afunnaya, said seven AK 47 rifles, pump-action guns and 5,000 rounds of ammunition and other weapons were recovered from the apartment.

The agency admitted that two of Igboho’s men were killed in the process while a security agent was shot on the right hand and hospitalised.

Igboho later said the weapons were not his and that security operatives planted ammunition in his house in order to implicate him.


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