A retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, Mr Austin Iwar, has said that one cannot rule out the fact that there could be many other policemen in strategic places like Abba Kyari who could be involved in unacceptable conducts and committing illegalities.

Iwar said that such people could be fished out and appropriate decision taken on them with proper police reforms in the society.

Iwar made the comment while speaking at the Channels Television Breakfast Programme monitored by one of our correspondents on Wednesday.

He said that the police is not a perfect organization and the people working in it would not be expected to be perfect.

He said, “Of course I won’t be surprised if there are several Abba Kyari’s in the system. The police is not a perfect Organisation, and so the people working there will not be perfect.

“And there may be others there that might be committing all kinds of crimes at different levels.

“And I think that we can fish out this people when you have a proper police reform on ground that will set in, look at the system, the structures, and the processes and even guidelines of doing things and you will be able to find out those people who are not supposed to be where they are.” He said

He lamented that the Nigerian policeman is vulnerable because of neglect even by the government which makes the police to operate on its own.

“There is no funding. There is nothing in the police that is funded; patrols, other aspects of policing are not funded. Yet the police is under pressure to perform. Officers scout around to get possible means to deliver.” He lamented

“The case involving the suspended DCP kyari comes not only as a shock to the country and but an embarrassment to the police itself considering the fact that this officer already had a problem involving the FBI and then somehow he was allowed to operate within the fringes of the police while being on suspension.

“So it is an embarrassment to the Nigerian police force. It tells a lot about the nature of internal accountability within the police, and supervision of police officer even while on suspension.

“I am not saying it is a shock to the police. Am saying it is a shock to Nigerians and an embarrassment to the Nigerian force that somebody who is on suspension is allowed to operate within the fringes of the Nigerian police and even still has contact with his previous office. It is a shame as far as I am concerned and that is why I said it tells a lot about the nature of accountability and supervision within the force.”


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