The Bayelsa State House of Assembly has dismissed rumours òf an impeachment plan against Governor Douye Diri.

The House Committee Chairman on Information, Hon Tari Porri, said during a press briefing in Yenagoa, on Tuesday, that the House has never contemplated carrying out an impeachment against the Governor.

He described the rumoured impeachment plot as “unfounded, vexatious and targeted at distracting the House from its legislative duties.”

Porri said that there was no feud between the Governor and the House to warrant such a plot to impeach Governor Diri.

He stressed that the Assembly which is in strong partnership with the Governor in the quest to bring the dividends of democracy to Bayelsans would not be distracted my mischief makers.

He warned those behind the ‘vexatious rumour to desist immediately.

He said, “The Sixth Bayelsa State House of Assembky under the leadership of the Rt. Hon. Abraham Ngobere, has never at any time contemplated carrying out an impeachment plot against our highly esteemed miracle Governor of Bayelsa State.

“There is no feud between the house and the executive. The Assembly is working very hard with the Governor to deliver on the dividends of democracy.

“Rumors like this are targeted at distracting the assembly. We will never be distracted. We are determined to deliver on our promises to the people.
The rumour is unfounded and vexatious.

“Bayelsa has gone through a lot and this is the time for the miracle Governor to deliver on his promises to the people.

“We are in partnership with the Governor in the quest to deliver on the dividends of democracy.”


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