Let’s  Work for a Better 2024 – Sen Dickson


FORMER Governor of Bayelsa State, Senator Henry Seriake Dickson, in a Christmas message, has asked Nigerians to work together for a better future as the new year beckons. 

“It has been a tough year with challenging economic situations that have tasked Nigerians. We have to keep working together to make things better in 2024,” Senator Dickson who represents Bayelsa West Senatorial District, said.

“The Nigerian spirit of resilience and being each other’s keeper should lead us individually to great decisions that would provide solutions to improve our situation.

He said that the message of the season was love, caring, giving to others, and making sacrifices. 

“The Christmas is about the birth of the Saviour, Jesus Christ, which marked the beginning of man’s salvation and reconciliation with the Almighty God.

“As we celebrate the joy of Christmas it is also a time for reconciliation with each other, a time to make peace, a time to forgive, and a time to accept that we need each other,” the former Governor of Bayelsa State said.

“It has been a bleak year for millions of Nigerians. Let us look around us and put smiles on the faces of others. Let us spread the enduring message of love for each other, now and always.

“My conviction is that we do not serve the Almighty God if we do not care about our fellow human beings,” 

Senator Dickson said while wishing Nigerians a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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