IGP Launches New Squad, SIS, to Checkmate kidnapping


By Kamsi Anayo

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Kayode Egbetokun, says bandits and other criminal elements will not have sanctuary within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Nigeria.

Egbetokun said this on Wednesday while launching a Special Intervention Squad (SIS) to tackle kidnappers terrorising the FCT.

 “As I stand before you today, I am imbued with a profound sense of duty as we confront the crisis of kidnappings and violent crimes presently afflicting our esteemed nation, particularly in and around the Federal Capital Territory.

“The alarming rise in these criminal activities without equivocation, demands immediate and resolute action from us all.

“It is thus with a determined spirit that I proudly announce the inauguration of the Special Intervention Squad (SIS).

“Conceived as an elite unit of the Nigeria Police Force, the SIS is composed of specially trained, well equipped and highly mobile police officers, and possesses the capacity for rapid intervention and effective containment of significant security breaches, such as those currently threatening the suburb of the FCT and creating panic generally.

“This initiative is not just born out of necessity, but out of foresight, diligent planning, and commitment to enhancing the already robust security architecture of our nation’s capital.

“We must proactively address even the slightest signs of potential threats. We are thus duty-bound to confront all challenges head-on to protect the lives and welfare of our citizens.

“Envisioned to include a thousand personnel in each state, the SIS is launched today with officers and men from each tactical unit of the Force, supplemented by a formidable arsenal of operational assets, including sophisticated arms, drones, and vehicles.

“These assets, some of which are displayed here, are ready for deployment to counteract the security threats.

“This deployment symbolizes our unwavering commitment to the safety and security of our people, sending a clear message that criminal elements will find no sanctuary within the FCT, and by extension, Nigeria.”

 “We are mobilizing the entirety of our resources, both human and technological, to ensure the triumph of justice and to provide our citizens the liberty to live without fear for their own safety and that of their loved ones.”

“It should also be noted that we are collaborating with the military and other security agencies to ensure success, and we are confident that with your support, we will be successful.

“Let’s unite against the forces threatening the very fabric of our society. May this operation serve as a beacon of hope as we collectively strive to make the FCT, its environs, and ultimately the entire nation, safer for all. May justice be swift, and may peace permeate the entire landscape of Nigeria.

“I wish to emphasize that with the launch of SIS today, similar initiatives will soon be replicated in states neighbouring the FCT to effectively combat criminal incursions, ultimately extending to all thirty-six states of the Federation,” Egbetokun said.


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