The President of the Living Faith World Outreach, Bishop David Oyedepo, has said that he would not take the vaccine imported to the country to fight COVID 19.

The Bishop said while delivering a sermon at the headquarters of the Church at Ota on Sunday that there was no law that forces anybody to take a vaccine in the country.

He said that he would not take the vaccine especially with the knowledge of people dropping dead or having side effects after taking the vaccine.

He stressed that while he was not preventing anybody from taking the vaccine, he was convinced that his church members don’t need the vaccine.

The Bishop said that the noise about COVID 19 is propaganda as shown by the triumph of the church over it.

According to him, about 90 percent of the Nigerians don’t use nose mask yet they are not affected by COVID 19.

He said that even the market woman who sells to the public does not use the nose masks while selling to the public.

He said, “One thing I know is that I will not take that COVID 19 Vaccine that has been brought into the country. I don’t need it, not when I am aware of people dying or having side effects after taking it. I am not saying you should not take it but you don’t need it.”


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