I have been denied entitlements as deputy governor for six months  – Shaibu


By Kamsi Anayo

Deputy Governor of Edo state, Comrade Philip Shaibu on Tuesday said he has been denied his entitlement as the deputy governor of the state for the last six months.

Shaibu,who is a gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of the PDP and a special guest at the Opening Ceremony of the Correspondent Chapel Secretariat in Benin City, said he counted his denied entitlement as a sacrifice he must make for things to work in the state.

He added that his closeness to journalists was not because of politics, but the impact a reporter had is his life during the military days

“I am your ambassador anywhere I am. This is not because of politics, but because of what you have done to save my life in the cause of doing your work.

“I wouldn’t have been deputy governor today, if I am not alive. But because there was a journalist that can investigate and write a report , which saved my life in the hands of the military.

“So, you can see why anytime you invite me, even if it is difficult, I must show up. Because, that is the only way I can appreciate you and show that what you are doing, you should keep it up.

“I would have done more, but you know there is tension between the governor and I. And for six months, no allocation to my office.

“So, whatever I am doing is contributions from friends and my goodwill and I am still standing very strong.

“And I will continue to be strong because for me, Edo should be one, Edo at every time should be paramount in our minds. 

” I am determined to make sure that good governance is seen, felt and touched.”

The Deputy Governor,who has been having a running battle with his principal, Gov. Godwin Obaseki also revealed that his goal was to see that strong institutions are built in the state.

“I am also determined to make sure that in all things, Edo must be first and I am determined to strengthening institutions.”

“I came into politics because I feel that we should have an egalitarian society,.I came into politics to make institutions strong because that is the only way you can have that society of our dream.

“Because, when institutions are strong, you deal with those guys that thinks they are powerful, moderate their excesses, and also promote and help the weak, in the society.

“Institution does not know the rich, strong, and the poor, it takes care of all strata of life. That is what I am standing for, that is my calling to joining politics.

“That is why I have sacrificed a lot of things to make sure the institution call Edo works.

“I even sacrificed my personal entitlement to make sure this institution works and in the coming weeks, I will give a stewardship of what I have done as deputy governor from 2016 to date.”

Earlier, the Chairman of the Correspondent Chapel, Mrs Nefishetu Yakubu, said the 

decision to move from the NUJ Press Centre was fueled by the need for a more spacious and serene environment.

“Our new Secretariat is not an alternative to the NUJ Press Center, which is home to all journalists.


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