Even in war and the desperation for survival that unite mankind, Ukraine Security Forces are discriminating against Africans in civilian evacuation.

As desperate people besiege the borders to escape the escalating war in Ukraine, the Eastern European nation is blocking thousands of African from fleeing into safety.

Nigerian students in Ukraine are stranded in large numbers in the open at freezing temperatures at the Polish border because only Ukrainian women and children are being allowed to escape from the country.

Nigerian students bare under no obligation to stay behind to fight Russians in defence of Ukraine.

Videos obtained by The Network shows black women with children being barred from boarding a train because of the complexion of her skin.

A Nigerian Medical Student in Ukraine, Anjola-Oluwa Ero Philips said while Speaking on Arise TV early morning Programme, that most of the students were caught unprepared by the Russian invasion.

He said that the students relied on the assurance from the embassy that the situation was being monitored only to be told after the war had started they they were responsible for their safety.

Ero-Philips said that while some of them fled to the border, those who couldn’t are trapped.

He said that many Nigerians mostly students are helpless at the Polish boarder under extremely harsh conditions with no food and water under freezing temperatures.

He said, “We contacted them (the embassy) when the Americans made the announcement. They said they are monitoring the situation and they will update us. They referred us to the website and nothing was happening. That was January 20.

“When the war started, it was kind of disappointing. It is like you are responsible for your safety. We have about hundred students here in Lviv and what we can get from them is you are responsible for your safety.

“At at point, Immediately we got the information that we are responsible for our safety, I just knew that we had to move quickly.

“I don’t know if it is diplomatic pressure or racism. It gets worse by the day.
People complained of being punched.
You are not allowed to cross the boarder after standing in the queue for hours.

“It is only Ukrainian women and children that they allow to cross.
They (Africans) are told to stand aside. I am not aware of any guy that has crossed. They have been there for over two days. They have to make camp fire. It is snowing as we speak. The weather is minus 2.

“Govt should look into that on behalf of us…There is definitely racism going there.”

The Nigerian in the Diaspora Commission has said on Sunday that the Nigerian Embassy in Romania has made arrangements to receive those fleeing from the crisis in Ukraine.

The statement allayed the fears of Nigerians in the troubled Eastern European nation that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyema, is engaging top government officials and other organizations to render necessary assistance at the borders.

The statement provided telephone lines that can be reached for immediate help which are: Consular Officer +40747309174
Head of Chancery +40786091964.


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