Christmas: Peoples Club of Nigeria Gift bags of rice to less privileged


By Kamsi Anayo

The Peoples Club of Nigeria International (PCNI), has donated bags of rice to the less privileged to lift their spirits during the celebration of this year’s Christmas.

Chief Joe Ilonze, National President of the non-profit, non-political and non-partisan club made the disclosure at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the national headquarters Onitsha, Anambra state.

He enjoined the members all over the world to replicate same wherever they are by giving out to the less privileged “so that people can appreciate that these people are helped in the hours of their needs,” Chief Ilonze said.

It would be recalled that Peoples Club of Nigeria was founded in 1971 by a group of like minded individuals who were impelled by the desire to foster social interactions and create avenue for relaxation of members under the able leadership of Prince Sir, Titus Ume-Ezeoke JP.

Ilonze reiterated the aims and objectives at the AGM for people to know that the prestigious club with many branches both at home and abroad still embrace its motto “Unity, Love and Service” to the members.

According to him, the club was specifically established to enable members to create recreational centres for them to relax and ease tension after the day’s work.

He said Its formation enabled members to know themselves, interact, network and synergize in their various fields of endeavors for their individual and collective betterment.

“The founding fathers were visionary leaders who were held, and should have been held in high esteem by all and sundry, if some of them were not carried away by their personal selfish desires. They gave selflessly to the Club, and most of them will be lovingly remembered and eulogized, since the seed they planted has blossomed in many parts of the world today.

“To the founding members at that time, nothing was too small and nothing too big to contribute for the well-being and growth of the club and its members.

“The membership of the club is made up and ought to be made up of men and women of proven integrity, with unquestionable character, who have a visible means of livelihood, and who should normally be resident within the area of operation of the branch, they wish to be admitted into,” he said.

Ilonze, however, appealed to some members recently causing troubles in the club to sheathe their sword and embrace peace.

He said that in a landmark judgment, a High Court of the state in the Idemili Judicial Division at Ogidi, in July this year, declared him as the duly elected National President of People Club of Nigeria International.

The suit no HID/274/2018, was filed by Incorporated Trustees of the Peoples of Nigeria, Sir, J.I. Ilonze, Chief Iyiama Antony, and Chief John Chuks Onwuazor against Chief Lawerance Arinze, Chief R.O.C. Ekedozie, Chief Darlington Adobe, Elder Smart. Ebere and Fidelis Onyebueke, Esq.

The crux of the matter is that Lawerance Arinze, appointed Ekedozie, as the president of the club when the tenure of the duly elected National President Ilonze, has not expired.

“In the vision of the founding fathers, love is the key and driving force and this vision, is encapsulated in their choice of the motto of the club: Love, Unity and Service, making us to be our brothers keeper and gingering us to help one another and mankind in general.

The choice of the logo of the club; the three rings of equal sizes interlocked together, further symbolizes the bond of unity that should exist among the members, a bond of love that should be all embracing and should have no room for grudge, ill-feeling or dislike for one another,” Ilonze emphasised.

Chief Wilson Azih, a patron of the club commended the leadership for the perfect and transparent audited account from 2017 to 2022 by the Chartered Accountants and Consultants of James Odocha and Co that received praises from members.

” That is the result of a good leadership,” he said.

On some expelled members, Azih from the Atlanta Georgia branch said “it is up to them to abide by our constitution and rules, do what it takes and come back where they belong, if they want to.

“We cannot allow anarchy in such a prestigious club, so that is the bone of contention.”


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