Restructuring: Nigeria a Failed State, Says Clark


A former Federal Commissioner for Information and South-South Leader, Chief Edwin Clark has addressed Nigeria as a failed state, stating that the 1999 constitution Nigeria is currently operating is a scam.

The South-south leader disclosed this during a National Restructure Actualisation Summit (RAS) in Abuja. According to Clark, the people of Niger Delta have suffered most under a project he termed ‘Nigeria’.

He said that the south-south is the breadwinners of Nigeria, stressing that “nobody can dispute that fact. But we do not control our resources. What we people of Niger Delta want is pure restructuring through federalism.

“A situation where we can control our resources and pay tax to the centre, other regions have enjoyed this before. So, we have suffered the most in Nigeria, we are not saying we should have everything that belongs to us, but we the people of Niger Delta believe in restructuring through federalism.

“Nigeria is a failed state, failed state in the sense that nothing works anymore. Bring the best expert to come and manage Nigeria under the 1999 Constitution it will not yield any result because the 1999 constitution is a scam.”


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