Zamfara: PDP, APC Bicker Over Attempt To Bribe Trbunal Judges, Impeach Gov Lawal


(News investigators) The attention of the All Progressives Congress APC in Zamfara has been drawn to a grand plot used by the PDP and its structure in the state using an old friend to the governor Dauda Lawal Dare and a journalist, one Anas Sani Anka, Chief Executive officer of Thunder Blowers online media in the state to tarnish the good image of the APC in Zamfara and the nation.

To start with, the said Anas has in the concocted audio openly said he is a friend to Governor Dauda a statement which says a lot about his attitudes to the APC and its stakeholders.

It is on record that the thunder blowers was single handedly financed by the current governor of the state Dauda Lawal Dare to achieve his political mission while Matawalle was the Chief Executive of the state and also it is on record that the operational vehicle of the thunder blowers was donated by the same Lawal Dare and even the office accommodation that houses the medium is owned by Dauda and not any APC official in the state

It should be made categorically clear that Anas Sani Anka is not a card carrying member nor a good supporter of the APC in any way and so too, he is not an executive member of the party nor has he ever held a political appointment under the APC government thus, he couldn’t have in anyway speak on behalf of the APC.

It is our strong believe that having seen the way the tribunal processes are currently going indicating that the APC is likely going to reclaim its mandate, the PDP is coming all out to shred the process, otherwise, since the APC has seven of its loyal members in the state House of Assembly, the members would have confirmed of any misdoings.

Moreso, Distinguished Senator Abdul Aziz Yari who Anas claimed to have collected money from has been out of the country for a long time now that the PDP will try to rub him in its mess.

When the INEC decided to give the governorship seat to the PDP after the election as well as when the tribunal gave the PDP Maradun ll state House of Assembly to the PDP, we didn’t shout injustice to obstruct proceedings of the tribunal so the PDP must know that the Nigerian judiciary cannot be intimidated with the frivolous unguarded allegations advanced by the PDP through Anas because we already know their gimmick and it will fall like a house of cards.

We want to urge all relevant security apparatus at the nation’s disposal to uncover all those behind this cowardly act including the person that made the recording since they were all together to perpetrate what their pay masters in the PDP directed them to do with a view to bring them to book without further delay.

Let the PDP understand that Judiciary is an independent body and that no amount of intimidation or abuse will deter it from doing justice to all Nigerian citizens irrespective of their religion or political affiliation

We are calling on our supporters in the state to remain calm as we are confident in the Nigeria Judiciary and Justice will be done to us and we are going to reclaim our stolen mandate which the cabal and some unpatriotic soldiers did during the last Governorship elections in the state


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