PDP Plan To Cause Mayhem On March 28 -GTCO Alleges


John Oyegun, APC National ChairmanBy Sadiq Umar, Abuja.
Greater Together Campaign Organisation (GTCO), the Rivers APC Governorship Campaign organisation, has alleged plans by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to cause maximum harm to election officials and voters in Rivers State on Saturday, March 28 during the Presidential election , describing it as “condemnable and evil.”

The GTCO warned PDP “to lay down such dastardly and satanic plans, noting that after all, President Goodluck Jonathan had said that his ambition was not worth the blood of any Nigerian.”

In a statement by its Director of Communications, Ibim Semenetari, in Port Harcourt Tuesday, GTCO, which is the Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside campaign outfit, warned that PDP would be plunging Rivers State into avoidable chaos and bloodshed if it went ahead to “unleash this ISIL-like terror on Rivers people”.

“We warn PDP against attacking election officials as well as Rivers voters who have the right to vote according to their conscience,” the GTCO statement signed by Ibim Semenitari, Director of Communications, read in part.

The campaign outfit said it was in possession of detail plans of how PDP intends to cause havoc, mayhem and ultimately doctor the election outcome to the favour of its candidates.

“This is not only evil but against the spirit and letter of democracy that provide maximum independence of choice for voters. Only last Monday, in an action that should have sobered PDP and its goons, President Barack Obama of the United States, called for violence-free election in Nigeria of which,
gratefully, Rivers State is part of.

“We, therefore ask that if the US President is this concerned for our peace, free, fair and credible
election, why would PDP choose to upturn those gracious virtues?

“In their plan, PDP has mobilised its militia groups with definite orders on how to storm Polling Units, seize INEC card readers, sensitive and non-sensitive materials from election officials for massive
thumb-printing. The specifics, as we have them, are that as early as 6.00am on the voting day, PDP supporters will troop out to Polling Units for accreditation.

“Soon as the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, officials wrap-up that segment of the entire election process, heavily-armed men to be dressed in military and police uniforms, will storm Polling Units where they will forcefully impound all voting equipment and materials, including INEC’s sensitive and non-sensitive materials, hold hostage the most senior election officer at gunpoint while they begin massive thumb-printing of ballot papers,” it stated.

To try to escape accusation of fraud, the PDP militia will thumb-print exactly as to the number of accredited voters in each unit.

“Still holding the most senior election official hostage at gun point, the militia men will coerce such an unfortunate official to sign-off their fraud on the Result Sheet. Fake party agents will sign columns for
such purpose. After that, they will force the officer to forward the ‘result’ to the next Collation Centre with threats of further actions should the ‘result’ not be so declared”.

Adding: “We know that PDP can do anything when it comes to elections but that it would hatch such level of desperation and terror against Rivers people and other Nigerians who would have volunteered to serve the nation by working for INEC, is in the least, bestial, corrupt and evil. As we see an increasing resort to everything undemocratic and devilish on the part of PDP in Rivers State, we continue to insist that violence had never been part of democracy.

“President Obama, in his Monday address to Nigerians on the need for peaceful general elections,
captured our views verbatim that those who wield violence prior to, during and after elections, are not democrats.

“Rivers people are democrats and lovers of democracy and have continued, in the huge deficit of freedom of choice, association and expression imposed on them by PDP, kept faith in the ability of this open system of governance to provide security and development to them. Rivers people, like other civilised democrats, believe that in freely choosing their leaders for the next four years, they would be securing their today and the day following.

“We, therefore, call on the international community, to watch events in Rivers State. But above that, we reiterate that violence yields no peaceable fruit of righteousness as what goes round comes round. Rivers
people need and deserve free, fair and credible elections, and the easiest way of achieving that is by allowing them to choose candidates of their choice under violent-free atmosphere. That is our stand,” it added.