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Mohammed Idris: We’ll Be Transparent With Nigerians, Era Of Propaganda Gone.

(News investigators) Mohammed Idris, minister of information and national orientation, says the current administration will not rely on propaganda to propagate government programmes and policies. Idris spoke on Thursday at the opening ceremony of the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), in Abuja.

He said the Tinubu administration will strive to restore people’s confidence and trust in the government by implementing tangible and credible policies.

“You are aware that the focus of government now is how to restore the confidence of the governed, in government and its institutions,” Idris said. This time around, a process of restoring popular confidence and trust in government and its policies shall not lie in the domain of propaganda.

“Through a tangible and credible policy of the government, the government aims to directly impact the lives of our people. In other words, the era of relying on propaganda to propagate government programmes is now over.” He said the Bola Tinubu administration will be committed to providing credible information to Nigerians at all times.

“Transparency is the currency that builds credibility. While authenticity is the foundation upon which lasting relationships can be built,” he added.

“Let me assure my colleagues, the Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr President, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, shall be anchored on transparent and accountable information dissemination to Nigerians.

“Which of course includes boldly and humbly, acknowledging mistakes where such are made.

“This, in my opinion, is very important in reducing apathy and engendering trust between government and its citizens.

“We will engender a new approach based on truth, mutual respect, and empathy, which is needed to reopen conversation between government and the people.”

Idris, who is an NIPR fellow, noted that the event was not only for celebrating members’ dedication to public relations but also to embark on “a journey of reflection, of inspiration, and of collaboration”.

“In this age of information saturation, where every click and stroll adds to the noise, the role of public relations has never been more vital,” Idris said.

“We are the storytellers, the bridge builders and the custodians of reputation, our work shapes, perceptions, guides decisions, fosters relationships, and extends far beyond the boardroom.

“As guardians of reputation, therefore, we must learn very fast to navigate uncharted waters, with ethical responsibility and a commitment to truth. Ethics indeed lie at the heart of our profession. In an era where trust can be shattered with a single misleading tweet, our integrity must remain unshakable.”



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