Highlights From Almustapha (General Abacha’s CSO) Interview With Brekete Fm.


(News investigators)

1. All Coup d’etat happened because of foreign interest in the Nigeria oil sector.

2. Fuel subsidy is controlled by unseen hands.

3. It is time for Nigeria to come together and understand who we are, what we have and apply our own love for our country.

4. Restructuring is a direction, consumption of a doctrine that would build a country where everybody will participate, where social justice will be all encompassing, where the law of the land is up on everybody. But today in Nigeria there are two classes:- those above the law and the poor, below the law.

5. There is international dirty oil politics and domestic oil politics. IDOP is the role of international oil companies, the unseen hands from certain foreign countries who have invested in our oil wrongly bringing government into power. If you don’t do what they want, they will kick you out.

6. In 1965, The first refinery in Nigeria was initiated by late Zik and Abubakar Tafawa Balewa out of patriotism. Yet, but was truncated by the unseen hands. Literature was given to condemn their efforts.

7. It’s Genesis gave birth to the civil war.

8. The government of national unity was a damage control plan.

9. General Gowon’s offense was that he built three refineries.

10. The more you invest in Nigeria the more you’re seen as an enemy.

11. Nigeria is one of the richest countries in the world.

12. Our elders were told that we are poor, they played on them. we believed because we have a culture of believing our elders. Yet we’re getting misled.

13. Murtala Mohammed’s offense was commissioning of the three refineries built by Gen. Gown.

14. Murtala was not part of the coup that removed Gowon.

14. A new mode of oil theft started in 1977.

16. In 1977, International advisers from the oil sector advised creation of social distraction. It led to the creation of Festac.

17. From 1977 to 1979, the oil refinery project was suspended.

18. In 1979, Shagari came to power and was thrown out when he became interested in the oil project.

19. General Buhari’s offense was refusal to devalue naira. He was short-lived.

20. Babangida met a lot of challenges, IMF, world bank. He created welfare schemes that didn’t work. During this period the international oil politics has gotten stronger. Oil bunkering increased drastically.

21. Unregistered ships were carrying crude oil to international waters.

22. General Abacha was confronted with IMf on currency devaluation. Abacha insisted on establishing an economy council. Naira was tagged to N82 on black market and N22 on the official market.

23. Conspiracy on the high cost of oil refinery maintenance arose. Just to discourage Abacha from activating the oil refinery.

24. In 1999, Oil subsidy was introduced.

25. President Jonathan came, Okonji Iweala insisted on establishing an oil refinery, she was threatened and her mother kidnapped. She surrendered.

26. President Buhari campaigned for removal of the subsidy. Seven years gone, the subsidy is still getting stronger.

27. Whose investment is the subsidy? Who is killing the refinery?

28. Investing in bunkering on land is ongoing.

29. Northeast and Southeast are the richest part of Africa.

30. The red sand in the southeast is gold. The Chinese are exporting it from Nigeria without interference.

31. 2022 budget is a budget of deficit.

32. Nigeria was given a code name 360 plus. Because of its abundance of mineral resources.

33. The richest man in the world is the richest because of his investment in lithium. All the 19 northern states in Nigeria have lithium including six southern states

34. Lithium worth about $3.5b

35. Nigeria doesn’t need other countries’help, instead, they need help from Nigeria.

36. It is time to educate Nigerians on the need to understand the game being played to divide us.

37. There are certain elders who are patriots but their partrotism and service to mankind has brought literature that has painted them as enemies of the people. They are the real patriots we have.

38. Gen Gowon did not kill Murtala.

39. Leaders shouldn’t run away from politics they were muscled to take.

40. If anybody or an organization takes me to court, then many things will come out.

41. Governor Jang of Plateau state, Yaradua in Kastina were victims of media literature.

42. During the handover of Bakassi peninsula, Boko haram was funded to create distraction.

43. Police have no power to investigate.

44. It doesn’t matter whom we hurt, it’s time to make Nigeria great again.

45. It was his idea to zone Nigeria into six because of peculiarities

46. National guard MUST be created

47. He will relocate from the villa to sambisa if elected,

48.What happened to our satellite?

49. He was to die 18 times in 15 years.

51. Honour is honour and he can never compromise honour. He can never compromise the primary assignment.

52. Abacha survived 7 coup attempts, he died on the 8th.

53. He doesn’t ask, he serves.

54. The effects of propaganda before firing a salvor determines the success of war.

55. He didn’t come from a poor background.

56. In the 1990s, when the world turned against President Buhari, God used him to help out.

57. It’s time for our past Presidents to come together, do away with differences, bring their experiences to the full. We need to sit down and hear the other side of the story. They have to unburden things from their heart.

58. They were to be killed with a presidential order in 2002.

59 The stagnation of Ajaokuta steel from 2016 till date is intentional .

To understand where we are as a country. Kindly make out time to watch the video.



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