Governor’s Wife Urges Women To Benefit Society With Their Uniqueness


Wife of the Niger State Governor, Dr Amina Abubakar, has urged women to use their unique nature to add value to the society.

Abubakar, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) during a seminar “Matured Evolution“ in Abuja, that it was important for every woman to grow herself and her finances.

Abubakar, represented by Dr Amina Dorayi, Technical Director, SHOPS Plus Project in Nigeria, also urged women to be more creative.

She said:”The government alone cannot ensure everyone has a job. Public sector cannot work alone, meaning that individuals have to be more creative.

“They have to recognise their own talent, where they can add to the trend that is existing.

“Most of us have something unique, use your uniqueness. We have what it takes and it’s just for us to look inwards and consider what we can do as individuals.

“And again, we need to also lift others where ever we are to really attain the best they can.”

Prof. Joy Ogwu, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, in her keynote, urged women to try to complement rather than eliminate men in the society.

According to Ogwu, a woman is designed to be an enabler and a total woman is one who is near perfection in every sphere of life.

She urged women to always have the right attitude to help them excel even at the work place.

She also urged women to be resilient and not be deterred or waver in order to succeed.

Mrs Sonye Allanna, who moderated a panel discussion at the event, said the event was about the total woman.

According to her, the programme aims at ensuring the Nigerian woman live her life to the fullest, age gracefully, affect her environment positively and at the same time give back.

She said: ”Apart from being the stereotypical woman in the kitchen who prepares meal, takes care of children and all, there is a God given strength in her.

“And she can be so much more than what appears on the outside.

“I urge every woman to stay strong, connected, be the woman God intended for her to be and add value anywhere she is planted.”

Mr Segun Araromi, an innovative consultant, while speaking on converting trends to opportunities, said having a set goal was key to tapping into the trend.

Araromi said: ”there is very little you will do with trend if you do not know what you want to achieve.“

Also, Mrs Kai Orga, Executive Director, ARM Investment Managers, said women played significant role in society in terms of opportunities she brought to the table.

While speaking on women, her money and managing her talent, Orga urged women to discover their unique talent, work on their minds and effectively manage their time.

“She forms a very critical role in the society, so it is important she finds her place and platform for her to thrive when it comes to money.

“She should find out her talents, uniqueness, how she is different, since we are all wired differently.

“From that simple discovery, you can put together something that will eventually sell and you can make some money, and then the thought to invest,” Orga said.

She advised women to imbibe the culture of reading so as to develop themselves, their mind and also be cautious of their spendings.

Mrs Tinuke Aseigieme, a pastor and inspirational speaker, said although relationships were important and the best gift of life, women should be cautious of the relationships they kept.

Meanwhile, Mrs Ime Enang, the convener of the programme, said the programme “Matured Evolution” came as a backdrop of the many changes women had to go through in life.

”This is meant to address the woman in her totality.

”Today, we have highlighted the woman and her financial health, physical health, mental and social health.

”We discovered that shared experiences is the way to go now and it is better to learn from those who have gone through a path that you are now experiencing.

”I however urge every woman to come out and learn from shared experiences as we hope to convene again to respond to other issues of interest to women,” Enang said.


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