Cultural Exchange: Russian Launches Language Education Center In Nigeria


News Investigators/ The Russian federation has launched a Language Education Centre in Nigeria as part of measures to further enhance Nigeria – Russia cooperation.

The Center, which is domiciled at the Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, Nigeria, would be offering free courses in the Russian language and culture.

“The Russian-Language Open Education Center was launched at the University of Lagos, on October 9, 2023,” Anastasia, the curator of educational development projects of the Russian language said in release on Thursday.

According to her, “the Center’s launch is an important new step in Russian-Nigerian cooperation. The Center was founded by the State University of Education (Moscow, Russia) with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.”

Russian teachers at the Centre held an open lesson where they began the introduction of learners to the culture of Russia and handed out textbooks and souvenirs from Russia.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Vice-Rector for Research of the State University of Education, Dmitry Kulikov and the leadership of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lagos.

Head of the Department of Research Organization and International Relations at the State University of Education, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Benin to the Russian Federation and the CIS (2012–2016), Anicet Gabriel Kotchofa, also held an open workshop where he shared his experiences of studying and engaging in intercultural communication in Russia.

According to the press release, “the Center will be providing courses for students and potential applicants who are considering pursuing higher education in Russia.

“In class, they will have an opportunity to learn the basics of the Russian language and overcome the language and cultural barriers. The Center’s teachers note a lively interest from learners since Russian education is valued highly in Africa and is a foundation for a good career.

The first course in Russian for Nigerian learners at the University of Lagos was launched in an online format in July, with more than 80 learners registered.

With the office officially open, teachers will now be able to teach face-to-face and invite learners to scientific, cultural, and educational events.

“The Center additionally expects to organize internship opportunities for students and teachers. The duration of studies is until December 2023,” the statement added.


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