Chime’s Mother-in-Law Wept As Daughter Arrives Home


Mother of the ailing Enugu State First Lady Mrs. Clara Chime yesterday, broke down in tears as her daughter returned home to her at the Coal City Garden Estate residence in Enugu.

Governor Sullivan Chime’s efforts to have Clara, her wife confined to government house to enable her receive medical treatment became a subject of controversy when Lagos lawyer Femi Falana demanded for her release from what he called ‘illegal detention.’

In a dramatic twist, Mrs Chime was taken out of Government House yesterday and handed over to her aged mother at her residence in Enugu. The moves, NewsInvestigators learnt, follows a meeting between the families of her husband, Sullivan Chime, and those of Clara on Saturday.

The governor had hinted last week of the impending family meeting in view of the controversies trailing his decision to have his wife treated at home instead of a mental home either in Enugu or abroad.

He had himself hinted that the Saturday meeting would determine whether Clara would be asked to go to her parents where she would have unlimited freedom or remain at the Government House and be restricted in accordance with the advice of the neuron-psychiatric doctor treating her.

Sources said, the governor, with the assistance of security details packed Mrs. Chime’s personal effects on Sunday evening and drove her to her mother’s residence at the Coal City Garden Estate behind CBN headquarters in Enugu.

Mrs. Chime, the source added, had pleaded to leave with her four-year-old son, but her plea was turned down by the governor who cajoled her into a waiting  convoy of six vehicles and was driven straight to her mother’s place that Sunday.

However, unknown to the convoy, Clara’s mother was not at home as she was not aware her daughter was being sent back. Both Mrs. Chime and the security operatives had to return to the governor after waiting for her for a long time without success.

As early as 8 o’clock in the morning, yesterday, Mrs. Chime was again driven to the estate and handed over to her mother who according to sources broke down in tears sighting her daughter.

Sources further said that the governor has further directed security operatives to ensure maximum protection for the wife.

Efforts to speak with Mrs Chime last night proved abortive as she told newsmen that she was not ready to speak for now.


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