World Egg Day: Group Urges FG National Programmes On Eggs

Crates of eggs

(News Investigators)/ As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to celebrate World Egg Day, the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) has appealed to the Federal Government to resuscitate some national programmes that would boost the nutritional life of Nigerians by using eggs.

The National President of PAN, Ezekiel Ibrahim, made the call at the 2019 World Egg Day, with the theme “Egg protein for life”, on Friday in Abuja.

Mr. Ibrahim said eggs and chicken were critical pillars to the successful attainment of the millennium development goals for agriculture and health.

According to him, it is currently estimated across the world that one billion people are underfed and malnourished, saying egg is the answer.

He said that eggs have the potential to feed the world as it is considered as nature’s vitamin pills, adding egg is a pill meant to eliminate hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition.

He said making it compulsory for implementation for schools throughout the country and appointing the association in states as aggregators of the eggs.

“Making egg as part of the prisons feeding programme and as part of peace keeping operations.

“Eggs should be considered as a priority food product that could be supplied to displaced people at various locations or camps throughout the country,” he said.

The president said that eggs offer an affordable and sustainable solution to help address dietary and nutritional standards of the people.

“This climate of concern around health issues presents the egg industry with an unrivalled opportunity to share the numerous benefits to human.

“The egg has so many benefits to many consumers before birth, adulthood and into later life, eggs can have significant impact source of essential protein.

“Eggs have the potential to eliminate global hunger by providing a high quality source of protein. The egg industry is commitment to sustainable development and eradicating food poverty,’’ the PAN President said.

He said that every cell in the human body contains protein which is needed in diet to generate new cells, noting eggs support healthy brain development in children.

He also appealed to stakeholders in the industry to break the seasonal nature of poultry products market through competitive pricing.

He therefore advised to Nigerians to make eggs their daily menu for quality life. (NAN)


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