Strange Disease Kills 10 Children In Kaduna


News Investigators/ No few than 10 children have been reported dead following an outbreak of an unknown disease in Kafachan, headquarters of Jama’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

The children who were between the ages of three and 13 lost their lives with symptoms of a respiratory infection on Thursday.

Findings by the Nigerian Tribune revealed that the outbreak of the disease resurfaced in Kafachan town on Monday.

According to a resident of the town, Bulus Ishaya, “we can not really say what is the cause of the disease or what is responsible for the infection.

He added, “All we know is that we started noticing that most of the children are finding it difficult to breathe.

Chief Medical Director of Sir Patrick lbrahim Yakowa Memorial Hospital, Dr Isaac Nathaniel confirmed the outbreak of the disease in Kafachan.

Also speaking, the Chairman of Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Comrade Yunana Markus Barde called on the citizens to proactively act fast whenever they discovered children from age zero to 13 years are confronted with difficulty in breathing, block of airways in the throat, excessive pains on the throat, Runny Nose Noting that such signs should be noted in the communities to arrest the outbreak from escalating and becoming uncontrollable.

He said, “Personnel in Primary Health Care across the local government, Traditional Institutions, Religious Leaders, and parents are advised to act accordingly.

He noted that some individuals are hiding some of the victims, while the catastrophe is not to their detriment alone but to the society at large.

According to the report, the outbreak had already claimed the lives of the victims, which if care is not taken as a result of ignorance and negligence will claim more.

Furthermore, as the experts from Federal Capital Territory and Kaduna State are as well coming for intervention, Jema’a LG citizens are advised to disclose, expose and convey whosoever is suspecting with such signs and symptoms to the Primary Health Care, Traditional Institutions among other relevant authorities.


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