Shi’ites Storm US Embassy To Protest Gaza Bombing


News Investigators/ Members of the Islamic Movement, also known as the Shi’ites, on Tuesday, staged a peaceful protest at the United States (US) Embassy at the Central Business District in Abuja.

The protesters, who carried placards with various inscriptions like “US, Stop the Genocide in Gaza,” among others, called for an end to the war in Gaza.

They matched from the front of the Defence Ministry to the embassy, chanting different anti-American slogans.

They called on President Joe Biden of America to withdraw all his support for Israel in order to stop the alleged extrajudicial killings of unarmed female and Children in Gaza.

“Since 7th October, 2023 the Israeli Army continues its barbaric aggression against the People of Palestine mostly female and Children, destroying buildings and targeting hospitals.

“It’s too overwhelming to report the number of crimes committed by the Zionist entity with full support of President Biden’s regime,” Sheikh Sidi Munir Mainasara, one of the Islamic group members, alleged.

According to him, we have seen videos of young people crying about torture; little children sitting in pools of blood and debris, fathers carrying their lifeless kids hungrily killed by the Esrael Soldiers with the support of the US government.

“This pains our hearts and souls and fills us with an unbearable rage.

“The atrocities are ongoing, the Northern Gaza strip campaign arrest, indiscriminate bombing, an unjust siege, the cutting of all means of communication, and the destruction of all hospitals, all of which are out of service.

“Explosions still continuing and the Zionist entity still massacring the unarmed Palestinian men, women and children all with full support from the United State of America,” he said.

Mainasara said that without the US support by provision of weapons and voting against all effort by the United Nation to bring a total ceasefire , the Israel had no option than to withdraw from all the occupied Palestine and as well stop the killing of innocent female and children.

“In view of the forgoing, we call on the United State of America to immediately stop the ongoing Genocide in Gaza,” he said. (Flowerbudnews)


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