See Your Appointment As Call To Duty Not For Bickering, Fubara Tells Reappointed Loyalists Of Wike


News Investigators/ The governor of Rivers State, Simi Fubara has urged the newly sworn in appointees of government to see their appointment as a call to duty and value addition to governance.

In a veiled reference to the crisis between him and his godfather, former governor Nyesom Wike and the division it created within the state, Mr. Fubara warned against further bickering and misgivings among supporters from both divides.

Speaking during the swearing of the chief of staff and advisers at government house, Port Harcourt, on Monday, the embattled governor said: “Let me add, don’t use this position to antagonise anybody, even in your localities. I want to speak to you and I will continue to say it, what God cannot do does not exist.

“That you succeeded in battle is not because of your power. It is the grace of God. When God says it will not happen again, whoever you are, it ceases from that moment.

He tasked the appointees to work toward promoting good governance warning them not to destroy his government with the new opportunity given for them to serve the state.

He stated that the purpose of governance was to render services even in the face of difficulties and challenges.

Mr. Fubara said that the appointment of the Chief of Staff, Special Advisers and the swearing in of the Commissioners would serve as an evidence that machinery had been put in place to help solve the challenges in the state.

“I am not appointing you today because I want you to go to your areas and start fighting, no.

“We have surrendered our situation to God and God is going to solve it in a way that will shock the world for everybody to know that God is always God,” he said.

“Please, I don’t want this position to be a platform for you to start stalking anyone. Do what you know is right,” he added.

He directed the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) to assign the commissioners that were sworn in their portfolios.

“Let the SSG assign only those of you who are here today back to their former offices. Let it be part of my birthday gift to you,”he said.

Mr. Fubara cautioned the commissioners against working against his administration.

“But let me also say this,coming back to take your position in the office is not for you to use it to destroy my government.

“Whatever it is that you’re doing, it is not about me. It is about the things that you can stand to defend and be proud of many years after,” Mr. Fubara said.


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