Ramadan: CONFAB Monetizes Lunch


By Olusegun Emmanuel, Abuja.
The  Conference delegates on Monday unanimously agreed to monetise lunch for Muslim delegates at the ongoing national dialogue following the commencement of the Ramadan fast.

The decision was sequel to  an amendment  proposed  by the conference chairman, Justice Idris Kutigi who said a register should be opened for those who would skip lunch as a result of Ramadan to enter their names.

Kutigi explained that the reason for the proposal was to enable Muslim delegates that are observing Ramadan fast  to have their lunch monetized.

“We are aware that many of us will be fasting and will not take lunch here. As such, we will open a register so that those who will not take lunch will be paid,” he said.

Sergeant Awuse, a delegate representing River State, called for amendment to the proposal.

He said rather than opening a register, lunch should be completely scrapped and monetized for all delegates.

According to him, this would prevent a situation where those who were not observing Ramadan would take advantage of the opportunity to request for monetization of their lunch.

“We should scrap lunch completely so that people who are not fasting will not write their names.

“We can do without lunch. We can manage and support those who are fasting by doing without lunch,’’ he said.

Thereafter, the delegates overwhelmingly agreed that lunch be monetized in the spirit of Ramadan as there was no counter proposal to the suggestion.