How We Murdered Prof. Ilemobade -Suspects

Inspector General of Police

IGP Solomon Arase

By Alaba Ajibade, Akure.

Yemi Bamitale and Daniel Ita, suspected killers of former Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Technology, Akure, Monday gave a gory picture of how they murdered Professor Albert Ilemobade and dumped him in a generator house.

Bamitale, a former driver and Ita, who was a security guard to the slain Ilemobade, were paraded by police in Akure, Ondo state capital on Monday following their arrest at Iloti, in Ogun State, where they were about to sell off the vehicle stolen from the late professor.

According to the suspects,  the late professor was killed to enable them steal his car and sell without any trace.

Bamitale was Ilemobade’s driver but had earlier been sacked.

He confessed to the crime saying the criminal plot was hatched a day before the act was committed and that it was his second attempt to sell the car.

He said before he was sacked some months back, he had earlier made away with the vehicle, but could not find a buyer because the vehicle had a tracker.

According to him, he later devised a new plan but this time around with Daniel Ita, who provided the insider information needed to execute the plan.

He said it was Ita who made all the arrangements and provided his transport for him to return to Akure for the operation.

According to Bamitale, “Daniel lured out Baba by telling him that there was an electrical spark in the house after I’ve stationed myself around the entry of the kitchen.

“Immediately Baba came out I grabbed him and strangled him to death. Daniel’s role was to put a piece of cloth in his mouth to stop him from shouting.

“After some few minutes, the old man gave up and we dragged him into the generator house and locked him inside the store that Sunday night. We left the house and locked the gate outside so that no one will suspect us.

“We went inside and took the car key and some other items like IPad, two phones, laptop, two bags and seven thousand Naira which we used to fuel the car.

“We left Akure and headed to Lagos. We left with those items so that the car will not be tracked again because Baba used these gadgets to activate the tracking.”

Narrating the incident further, Bamitale said they encountered some policemen on their way out at the main entrance of the Ijapo Estate, but were allow to go because they could recognize Ita as Ilemobade’s security man.

They were also arrested by men of the Federal Road Safety Corps who detained the vehicle for invalid vehicle particulars at Ijebu-Ode.

Again, the suspect managed to free themselves by selling the phones and iPad in order to pay for the release of the vehicle.

It was unclear what the payment was for, whether for new vehicle particulars or bribe.

But according to Bamitale, “We sold off the phones and laptops after being booked by the Road Safety officials. We sold the phones to retrieve the car from them before heading to Ijebu Ode with the hope of selling the car there.

In his own account, Ita said it was Bamitale’s idea that if Prof. Ilemobade was not killed, the stolen vehicle would be tracked.

He said he had earlier visited a herbalist who warned him against the killing of his boss but said Bamitale insisted that the man must be killed in order to get the car sold, considering the earlier failed attempt by his crime mate.

The Ondo State Police Commissioner, Mr. Isaac Eke, said Ita and Bamitale were arrested with the vehicle belonging to the deceased with Registration number GGE589 CF in Ogun state by security operatives in Ogun state.

“Detectives from Ondo state command later discovered that the night guard and the former driver strangled the aged Professor and dumped his body in an isolated store in the compound of the professor,” he said.

“The suspects have confessed to the crime and all their accomplices will be made to face justice.

He also said that relatives of the deceased had identified the corpse, which had since been deposited in the mortuary.

Adeseni Ilemobade, son of the late professor, said the family demands justice for the gruesome murder of their father.