Group Applaud Minister For Youths and Women inclusiveness in Agriculture


(News investigators) The National Coordinator of young Nigerian Farmers and Women Organization, Dr. Abubakar Bamai appreciates the unwavering commitment of the new Minister of Agriculture, Senator Abubakar Kyari towards promoting inclusivity, particularly for youths and women in the agricultural sector.

He made the statement in Abuja over the weekend in a chat with select media outfits. Speaking further, Dr. Bamai stated that the Minister’s dedication to improving economic growth, food security, and eradicating poverty is truly commendable.

“Involvement of young people full of energy and new initiatives and ideas in Agricultural sector is crucial in ensuring food security and poverty reduction. Women, who often play a central role in food production and household nutrition, will have more resources and support to thrive. Again, more jobs will be created for the teaming unemployed youths in the country’ He stated.

Taking these steps by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security will not only be proactive step for enhancing the effectiveness of our agricultural strategies but also will pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous agricultural sector.

In conclusion, we in our organization will rally behind your vision and mission to mobilize support for you among key stakeholders to ensure you succeed in this important national assignment. We are confident that your leadership can make this vision a reality,

In the same vein, we believe in the commitment of the Honourable Minister to fast-track the take-off of the National Agricultural Development Fund (NADF) which can be of significant and far-reaching, contribution to the overall growth and sustainability of the agricultural sector.

The Executive Secretary of NADF, Dr. Ghazali Muhammad Abubakar is a dynamic young person with bright ideas and enthusiasm to transform agriculture and revolutionalize the processes of support to farmers, to easily access funds for enhancing food security in the country.


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