Experience Of A 17 Year Old Boy Cleaning A Female Toilet 


(News investigators) I visited a friend’s house, while we were working at their garden, her 17-year-old brother came back home from work traumatised and sad. He began narrating what transpired.

It was summer and Lil man was looking for a job. He finally got a job at a restaurant as Toilet Janitor, mainly the female toilets at the restaurant. Unfortunately, there was going to be a 4-day outdoor party outside the restaurant. And Guess what! It was a Gen-Z themed party, and the restaurant restrooms will be used by attendees. Lil man was to resume duties the morning after the first party.

Lil man resumed duties, went to the male toilet. He thought it was messy like Hell, not until he saw the female toilet! It was looking like a sewage dump. Urine on floor, most of the toilets had poo that were not flushed, on top of one of the sinks was a used pad. Man was devastated but managed to clean it.

Second day was worse. By the third day, the horse’s back had already been exhausted. He was fed up with what he saw at the female toilets. Particles of poo littered on the walls, urine on some of the toilet seaters, urine and blood stains on the floor, used tampons on the floor. 

Two of the toilets were blocked due to panties being flushed. Lil man even saw a heap of poo inside the waste bin. Dude quickly dropped his washing materials on the floor, ran out of the place and headed home. He’s had enough.

Dude was throwing up when he got home. We told him to submit his timesheets so he could be paid for the 2 days he worked and also stop working there.


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