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Developing Story: Nyanya Blast Kills Over 60 Persons

An early morning bomb blast has occurred in Nyanyan, a suburb of Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory FCT killing over 60 persons.

The blast occurred at about 6.30am in the morning at a densely populated bus terminal which is 100 metre away from the boundary of the FCT and Nasarawa state.

No official figure has been given on the number of casualties, eyewitness said he had counted more than sixty bodies carried in ambulances on emergency at the site of the incident.

Although, no group has claim responsibility for this incident, the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents whose activities have been more pronounced in the north eastern part have been responsible for most bomb blasts in FCT and its environs.

As at the time of filing this report, there is no official reaction from government on the incident.

Rescue teams from the National Emergency Agency, NEMA as well as security operatives are on ground at the site of the incident.

Eyewitness account said over 20 ambulances was deplored on emergency services.

Mrs Sunday, a resident of Nyanya who lived about 100 metres from the incident gave an account of what she witnessed.

“I was preparing to leave the house to beat the traffic when l heard the deafening bang, she said.  Ordinarily, l should be at the park at that time, but because the kids are on holiday, l took my time. But just as l was getting set, l just heard a bang, then something which turned out to be debris from the affected vehicles were falling on the roof of our house. I still could not figure out what happened as l was shocked and livid with fear.

Said she: “I rushed out and saw that everywhere was cloudy, l sincerely cannot think straight, l was thinking it was thunder strike and the breezy wind gave the impression that it wants to rain. Within a second, l saw the El-Rufai bus coming in the sky in the cloud.”

“My neighbours were too shocked at what we just saw and somebody said it was a bomb blast. I’m too shock to go to work now. My neighbours who manage to get to the scene said human parts still litter the place. And the ambulances are still picking more corpses.”

l can’t leave the house if they want to sack me, let them sack me,” she said.

Some of the victims were seen arriving at the emergency unit of the National Hospital even at about 9 am this morning.

More details later.

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