Yuletide: Gov. Udom Pays Salaries, Gives Reasons For Celebration


(News Investigators) Akwa Ibom State Government has paid the December salary to civil servants and other workers in it employ, as well as pensioners in the state.

The state governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel gave the directive that all workers and pensioners in Akwa Ibom State should receive their salary before December 25th, so that they will have money to celebrate the Christmas with their families.

Civil servants started receiving their salaries from the 18th of December while those of pensioners immediately followed.

According to the governor who spoke during the state’s carols festival, the state had a lot of reasons to celebrate the 2019 Christmas season.

He cited the overwhelming peace enjoyed in the state, a violent free 2019 elections, ongoing infrastructural development and industrialisation, as well as recent affirmation of his electoral victory by the Supreme court as some of the reasons.

Governor Emmanuel said that he is a great example of God’s manifold blessings, love and grace, adding that one with God is a majority despite the slings and the machinations those who do not wish the state well.

“By this time last year, the atmosphere in this state was pregnant with a lot of manufactured uncertainties, many doomsday scenarios and hair-raising predictions were made.

“The political space was filled with unnecessary tension because a few people had ascribed to themselves the monopoly of God and the repositories of power and might.

“A political contest that should be based purely in the capacity to persuade people predicated on a set of ideals and achievements was reduced to the crass level of the invocation of the spectre of violence; and some people had boasted that the state and our people will witness what Adolf Hitler did to the people of Poland during the Second World War,” he said.

The governor therefore thanked God, who alone made the election not just the most peaceful, free and credible, but made Akwa Ibom people troop out enmassé, wait patiently in long queue to cast their votes, and thereafter, form human shield around their votes.

He commended the judiciary for upholding the will of the people to stand by affirming the 2019 governorship election that took place in the state.

“The election tribunal sitting in Uyo affirmed the expressed and overwhelming will of our people in me to continue leading them as their servant–leader. The Appeal Court, sitting in Calabar, also followed suit and again in a unanimous decision, affirmed my victory. Just two days ago, the Supreme Court, also unanimously affirmed my victory.”

He called all citizens notwithstanding political party affiliation to join hands with his administration to build an Akwa Ibom state with a sustainable economy, explaining that political parties are merely vehicles to seek power, and should not be the instrument of separation and disunity among the people.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E. A. Adeboye, in his Christmas message at the event, noted that God was in Akwa Ibom State, and that he does not go to where God is not found.

In his homily, the man of God said “when God is on the throne, the earth becomes his footstool. When He arises, the enemies scatter When He walks pass, the dead rise. When God visits, doors open and enemies are put to shame. And If He abides, He makes the great to become greater.”

Thrilling guests at the event were Vinesong from the United Kingdom, Ghana’s Harmonious Chorale, Kunle Ajayi, Joe Praize, Pita, Nathaniel Bassey and scores of indigenous coral groups


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