World Cancer Day: NGO Advocates Increase Grassroots Awareness Effort


News Investigators/ The Founder of Women of Inestimable Values (WIV), an NGO, Blessing Okojie has stressed the need to emphasize cancer awareness effort at the level as part of a wake-up call to all.

Mrs. Okojie spoke in commemoration of the world cancer day, an international day marked annually on Feb. 4 to raise awareness about cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection and treatments.

She said that breast cancer was on the increase and that there was the need for medical experts to take the message to local areas and educate women on the importance of getting involved in mammogram.

“Cancer, as we are aware; has claimed many lives. Unfortunately, the death rate is high among women as a result of breast and cervical cancers, just because of poor awareness and not detecting them early,” Mrs. Okoji.

According to the WIV boss, “It is a vital project that medical and health workers, spearheaded by the Federal Government, must embark upon, particularly at the grassroots by reaching out to women so that they can be aware and go for checks regularly.

“Some women in villages or local areas do not even know anything about cancer, they do not watch television sets or go for such awareness programme.

“But they must be put in the picture,” she said.

According to her, the WIV through its platform invites medical experts to regularly speak to its members on breast cancer, thereby creating an enabling environment for questions and answers.

“Being an organisation for women, we have medical practitioners as members who make out time to talk to us about cancer and how we can   regularly check ourselves,” Okojie said.

The founder of the NGO said that the platform has members from across the country and reaches out to them through their state chapters.

According to her, part of the mandates of the organisation is to fight against domestic violence and child abuse.

She added that the organisation used to empower survivors of domestic violence and children that had been abused in the country, adding that over 60 women benefited from its vocational skills in 2019.


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