Why Lagos Commercial Drivers Are On Strike 


(News Investigators) in case you have no idea why Lagos transporters commenced a 7 days strike, let me give some clarity and make you really angry.

There are over 75,000 commercial buses (danfos) in Lagos, according to the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) estimates.

According to the International center for Investigative Reporting ICIR; Each commercial vehicle driver pays at least N3,000 to agberos, also known as tickets to touts, every day.

This means that these drivers pay an average of N225 million each day, N6.75 billion each month, and N82.125 billion each year to agberos in Lagos.That is not all o.

 There are at least 50,000 tricycles (Keke Marwas) in Lagos and each of them pay 1800 to these touts each day.

This, therefore, means that each day, agberos walk off with N90 million from transport taxes collected from tricycle drivers. Every month, their pay reaches N2.7 billion, rising further to N32.85 billion every year.

The head of the Agberos and Oba of Oshodi designate, M[b]. C. Oluomo, is a multi billionaire from the proceeds of this extortion[/b].He is also alleged to be the rigging linchpin of the ruling Party in Lagos.

Aside the fact that these boycott will severely affect ordinary hardworking Lagosians. I really will love to see this last for even a month.


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