Uproar Over Committees Lists, Delegates Allege Foul Play



… Juicy Committees Cornered by Super Delegates

By Olusegun Emmanuel, Abuja.
There was uproar at the ongoing National Conference on Wednesday in Abuja over the composition of various standing committees at the conference as delegates alleged that super delegates have hijacked juicy Committees like Resource Control, Devolution of Power

While civil society protested non inclusion of any of its representatives in sensitive position like devolution of power and Political restructuring, the women in conference complained of non-compliance with 35 percent gender affirmative and  not being evenly spread among the Committees.

According to Rabi Ibrahim, being lumped in one Committee would not serve the best interest of the women and their individual expertise.

The Youths at the Conference lamented that none of the youth is in any sensitive committees

According to Clifford Abun who spoke on behalf of youths at the Conference said,”it was disheartening that the Nigerian youths that have identified the Conference as an opportunity to contribute to nation building and correct the negative impressions about the youths.”

Also, Reacting to the issue at the plenary, Dr. Akiode Afolabi who is representing civil society said that there should be no super delegate in this conference saying that all delegates should be treated equally.

In addition,raditional rulers also voiced their grievances of being confined in areas where they can offer useful suggestions.

Oba Adefemi said to have lumped all the traditional rulers in one Committee was a de service to the individual expertise of the monarchs.

Femi Falana, leader of the Civil Society delegates representing the Civil Society urged the Chairman to ensure that between now and Tuesday when the Conference would resume sitting from the Easter break, appropriate placement would have been made.

While some of the Delegates complained that their names have been omitted some other names appeared in two or three Committees.
For One time Senate President and former Minister of Internal Affairs, Iyorchia Ayu, drew the attention of the the Chairman to the fact that there was something wrong with the composition of the Committees.

He observed that the Committee on Judiciary was composed of all Lawyers, the Committee on land is made up of traditional rulers, Committee on Labour made up of members of civil Society groups while the Committee on Security was made up of retired Military and Police officers.

According to the list, former governor of Akwa- Ibom, Victor Attah and Ibrahim Coomasie will co-chair committee on Devolution of Power, Mohammed Kumalia and Gen. Ike Nwachukwu will co-chair political restructuring. Jimeta Gambo will chair National Security and Horsfall Albert will his Deputy.

Florence Ita-Giwa will be the chairman on Environment while Bukar Mandara will be the Vice Chairman. Both professor Jerry Gana and Chief Olu Falae will co-chair committee on Politics and Governance, Josephine Anenih will be chairman of committee on social sector, Okeke Ebele will chair committee on Public Service.

Both Senator Ayu Iyorchia and Senator Ken Nnamani will co-chair parties and electoral committee, Abdulahi Zaiyanu will be chairman on Immigration while Uwajumogu Chidinma will be Deputy Vice Chairman of the committee. Senator Rashidi Ladoja will be the chairman, committee on Energy while Senator Aliero Adamu will be the chairman of Committee on Public Finance and Revenue.

The chairman of the Conference, Justice Idris Kutigi however announced that 10 committees will be meeting at the premises of Nigeria Judicial Institute(NJI) while other 10 committees will be meeting at Sheraton Hotel