Storm Forces Prince William, Kate’s Plane To Abort Landing In Pakistan


(NEWS INVESTIGATORS) The RAF plane carrying Prince William and Kate was forced to make an unscheduled landing last night after being hit by a severe storm over Islamabad.

It threw the plans for the final day of their Royal Tour into chaos.

The jet was attempting to return the couple and their staff to the capital Islamabad after a day of engagements in the city of Lahore.

The jet flew into the storm and twice had to abort landing at the military base in Islamabad.

On board, the unexpected turbulence shook the plane and forced the aircrew and passengers to abandon their duties and strap themselves to their seats.

The plane shook violently as lightning flashed around the aircraft.

There were many experienced pilots and aircrew (including Prince William himself) on board last night’s plane.

Every one of them said they had never experienced turbulence anything like that which hit them yesterday.


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