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Soldiers Capture Boko Haram Who Disguised As Women, Says Defence Spokesman

By Sadiq Umar, Kaduna.The remains of notorious Husaini at the scene of the encounter with military

The Nigerian soldiers have arrested some insurgents who dressed in women apparel in their bid to escape from their stronghold in Baga town who has fallen to the military bombardment, even as the military says it has discovered a cache of arms abandoned by fleeing Boko Haram terrorists in the town.

Defence Spokesman, Major General Chris Olukolade, made this known in Abuja, Monday, saying the cordon and search by troops has continued to yield positive report.

The Director of Defence Information, in a statement said:

“The cordon and search in Baga has revealed some terrorists disguising as women. The searches are also yielding more discoveries of arms especially bombs hidden in various locations, especially Baga town. Apart from those captured in the course of fighting, many arrests of terrorists hiding in the town are being made and troops are still busy interrogating the suspects.

“Meanwhile, in furtherance of the mission to clear terrorists from all their enclaves by the military, the Nigerian Air Force has stepped up its air bombardment of identified targets in Gwoza, Bama and Sambisa forest, preparatory to other phases of the mission. The air strikes have been highly successful as they achieved the aims, hitting vital targets with required precision. Terrorists are now in disarray as they scamper to escape from the impact of air bombardment of their locations in the forest.

“Having successfully liberated Baga where the terrorists have been marauding, the troops’ attention has now been focused on consolidation of the security of the area to pave way for return of citizens,” the defence authorities stated.

Meanwhile, the military says it has discovered heaps of arms abandoned by fleeing Boko Haram Terrorists after a fierce battle to retake Baga town in north east Nigeria.

A statement issued on Sunday by the Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade indicated that the military are in full control of Baga town and are conducting a house to house search for fleeing terrorists.

“Troops engaged in a cordon and search operation in Baga continue to discover more arms of various backgrounds and shapes abandoned in some houses and the surroundings by fleeing terrorists.

“Heaps of weapons, most of which were strange looking or destroyed are still being gathered. Many abandoned or destroyed motorcycles have also been discovered,” Olukolade said.

He said a soldier was stabbed while another was shot during a close quarter battle “which ensued as troops involved in cordon and search caught up with some of the fleeing terrorists yesterday evening.”

He said the search were also carried out on individuals who claimed to be residents in order to ascertain their identity and motive.

“The group consisting mostly women continued to hail and cheer the troops as they conducted a thorough search in the area. Wanting to be sure the group was not working for the terrorists despite their excitement, they had to be placed under watch,” he added.


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