Soldiers Arrest Boko Haram Kinpins, Bulama Modu, 42 Others, 241 Hostages Freed


By Sadiq Umar, Abuja – The Nigerian defence headquarters, Wednesday, said advancing troops on frontline against Boko Haram have arrested the ‘Amir’ of Bulakuri, Bulama Modu, a Boko Haram kinpins and 42 other suspected terrorists.Boko Haram suspect arrested by soldiers

The troops also freed 241 women and children during the operation.

A statement by Army spokesman, Sani Usman, said the troops earlier, Tuesday, made tremendous progress against Boko Haram, clearing 2 terrorists’ camps at Jangurori and Bulatori villages in Borno state.

The statement read: “Yesterday 22nd of September 2015 advancing troops along Banki axis made tremendous progress against Boko haram. They cleared 2 Boko Haram terrorists camps at Jangurori and Bulatori villages, in addition to that success, our troops as of today 23rd of September have arrested 43 suspected Boko Haram terrorists including one of the Boko Haram kingpins in the area, Bulama Modu who happen to be the ‘Amir’ of Bulakuri. The troops also rescued 241 women and children during the operation.

“To further confirm what was said earlier, about the terrorists abandoning their commanders and burying weapons, one of the terrorist known as Mohammed Modu led our troops to where he buried his AK-47 rifle at Jangurori village.

Apart from arm and ammunitions, bows and arrows were also recovered from him. Bulama Modu also explained that Boko Haram gave him a horse to enhance his deadly pursuits.

“Similarly, our gallant troops arrested one suspected Boko Haram terrorist, known as Aji Gambo, at Wudla village who revealed that the Boko Haram terrorists that attacked Kirawa and Kolofata in the northern part of Cameroon were from Dara Jamel village Nigeria, and that they have an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) factory there.

“He further stated that the suicide bombers and the IED were prepared by Abdulrahaman Alkali Isa, Ba’ana Hisuba and Alkali Isa Karami, natives of Dara Jamel. He however added that the perpetrators have fled to Sumbulum village.

“The Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General TY Buratai who keeps close tap on the progress of our troops has commended them for their impressive performance thus far. Our troops with the high morale in them have reiterated their determination to continue with the fight against Boko Haram terrorists till they clear them from all known camps and enclaves,” it added.


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