Shiite Sect Demands El-Zakzaky, Wife’s Whereabouts…Says “We ‘re Highly Agitated”

Detained Leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria

By Ibrahim Imam – Three weeks after his arrest and subsequent detention, members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, a Shi’ites sect, Monday demanded the whereabouts of its leader, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky and his wife.

Leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria
Leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria

In a statement by the President of the Islamic Movement Media Forum (IMMF), Ibrahim Musa, the group said its members were anxious of the whereabouts of its leader.

According to Musa, The condition and whereabouts of the Islamic Movement’s leader Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky as well as that of his wife, are still unknown, three weeks after their arrest and detention by the security operatives.

He said the Islamic Movement as well as the general public are now seriously anxious.

“Where is Sheikh Zakzaky and why has he been denied his constitutional rights to an attorney, bail and visitation?, the Shi’ites sect demanded.

“If the government is truly interested in finding a peaceful way out of this crisis the army initiated and executed, as the government wants the public to believe, it should by now have allowed an unimpeded access to Sheikh Zakzaky.

“First and foremost, his first family members and leading brothers of the Islamic Movement and his doctor should have met him by now, since he was shot by the soldiers when they attacked his residence.

“We are highly agitated by this seeming needless incommunicado the Sheikh has been placed in.

“The Federal Government should tell the public where Sheikh Zakzaky is, because rumours of various degrees are flying about his health.

“We believe it is only when the Sheikh’s health condition is made public by the relevant authorities that the tension brewing among the populace will be doused.”


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