Sepp Blatter Reconsidering FIFA Resignation -Report

Changing his mind ?
Changing his mind ?
Changing his mind ?

Reports out of Switzerland say that disgraced FIFA president Sepp Blatter is reconsidering his decision to step down from his position, after stating his intention to do so two weeks ago.

According to Swiss newspaper Schweiz am SonntagAfrican and Asian football federations have asked Blatter to rethink his decision, sending messages of support to the man who has served as FIFA president since 1998.

Dominico Scala, who serves as head of FIFA’s audit and compliance committee, dismissed the reports, stating “For me, the reforms are the central topic. That is why I think it is clearly indispensable to follow through with the initiated process of president’s change as it has been announced.”

The Swiss newspaper also suggests that Blatter’s flip-flop mentality was one of the reasons Walter de Gregorio stepped down from his position as FIFA’s head of communications.

De Gregorio did not respond to the report.

FIFA has a meeting scheduled in Zurich on July 20 where a date will be chosen for a vote to replace Blatter, expected to come sometime in December.

One would like to think this is a bogus report as it seems unimaginable that Blatter would be able to backtrack on his decision and stay on as head of FIFA, but when you’re talking about Sepp, you can never rule it out.