Senate Probes $9.3 million Seized Arms Fund, Under Pressure To Save Soldiers On Death Roll

President of the Nigerian Senate

By Emmanuel Adesuji, Abuja.
The Senate has commenced investigation into the controversial $9.3 million dollar seized by the South African authorities, even as it confirmed that the belongs to the Federal government.

This is even as it said it is under pressure to intervene in the death sentence hanging on the 12 soldiers that were found guilty of mutiny by the military authority.

The Chairman of Senate Committee on Defence, Senator George Sekibo who made the confirmation  after closed door meeting with Service Chiefs in Abuja Teusday, said the Senate has commenced investigation into the seized money which government said was meant for arm procurement. 

“We are still investigating, we have started the investigation, when we get through the investigation we will  brief you. The money belongs to Nigeria Government.”

“No we are not because the Armed Forces is established by an Act of the National Assembly. The Act spelt out categorically the conduct of the soldiers and the way they are to behave wherever they are.

“If you join the military that Act is to guide you and your conduct.

“If you go contrary to any of the prescribed sections of the Act the punishment prescribed for the Act you violated will come on you.

“So the military did not just wake up one day and say that they are going to kill Mr. A or Mr. B.

“They went through the necessary processes and they found them guilty.

“But I think that those found guilty also have a way out. They can go on appeal and if the appeal finds them not guilty that will be it.

“But for what the military has done, they have done the best thing; because you must instill discipline in the Armed Forces.

“If you don’t do so one day all of us here will be sacked and you will not hear of this place.

“I think we should encourage the military.”