Sele-ebi Ware-ebi: Suspected Cultist Kills Man For Wearing Red Beret In Delta


Suspected Cultist, Weekend, killed a 20-year-old man identified as Sele-ebi Ware-ebi after repeatedly stabbing him over a heated argument for putting on red beret in Tuomo community of Delta State.

Sele-ebi, a native of Torugbene, was killed on Friday as he visited Tuomo community both communities are in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

Vanguard gathered that the cultist was later tied with the corpse of the victim before being lynched by aggrieved mob of his community to prevent what could lead to communal crisis.

According to a source, the cultist demanded N5,000 from Sele-ebi for putting on his cult’s coloured beret, failure of which the cultist brought out dagger and stabbed the man to death.

The source added that the beret worn by the victim was meant for church activities before the cultist attacked him.

In his words, “A Tuomo man, who is alleged cultist, stopped a Torugbene man, who wore a beret. The cultist asked the Torugbene man why he put on this group’s beret.

Argument then ensued between both in which the Torugbene man said it was his church’s beret.

“Then the Tuomo man demanded N5,000 before he would let the Torugbene man go. The Torugbene man said he doesn’t have money. Then, the Tuomo man brought out a dagger and stabbed the Torugbene man to death.

“Tuomo community people then tied their son down and rushed the victim to hospital. Unfortunately, the man died. So, they tied their son with the dead body and was later beaten to death.”


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