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Saraki’s Visit To Borno Not About 2019 Presidential Race -Senate

controversial visit to north east?
controversial visit to north east?

By Nuel Suji, Abuja.

Senate yesterday dismissed insinuation that Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki was making himself an potential President candidate for 2019  saying Saraki’s visit ‎to Borno was in compliance to Senate resolution on the ongoing insurgency in the North- East.

Briefing newsmen, Senate’s spokesman, Senator Dino Melaye explained that Senate President led ‎a delegation to Borno state Internally Displaced People(IDPs) camp to see what Senate can do to ameliorate the suffering of the people in North East.

He said,”‎ Saraki on Monday led delegation of seven sen to maiduuri amd they visited three IDP centers and he has shown conern on the condition of the IPDs and he is working to see wt the senate can do to ameliorate their sufferings  and work towards the end of insurgency .

” Also on Wed ike led some sen to Adamawa State in compliance wt the resolution of the senate after a motion on the floor of the senate on insurgency.

“Supprisingly today insinuations were made that Saraki was making himself an alternate president and all this is in linewith  2019. This is myopic and the failed to note that it was the resolution of the senate after a motion by Senator sekibo.

“We are procactive senate where ac tion meets word. Four days after the resolution he complied and Ekeremadu in further compliance. You will recall that comitee on finance laid their report because there has been serious agitation to reduce remuneration of salaries and in swift response and given the econ situation of the econ.

“The senate mandated the committee to review the remun and they ghave made reduction which I will not [disclose until debated on the floor. This senate wl be a responsive and responsible and we wl only do that that Nigs want us to do in compliance wt the const.

“The second committee leg agenda wl be submitting their report and it ewl be the first of its kind and by the end of the senate Nigerians will realise they have a senate of the people by the people‎.

“Saraki has made it clear that in the next few wks our agenda wl be propelled towards dev. TheHe has sounded a note of warning that all committees shall be involved in the fight against corruption and any person found wanting  will be brought to book.

“We are setting up an evaluation and monitoring committee to see to the compliance of resolutions of the senate and any MDA that refuses to comply we are mandated by the constitution and we know what to do‎.”



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