Saraki, Dogara Elections Unacceptable, Says APC

APC National Publicity Secretary
APC National Publicity Secretary
APC National Publicity Secretary

By Sadiq Umar, Abuja.

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has described as totally unacceptable the inauguration of the National Assembly that led to the emergence of Senator Bukola Saraki and Hon Yakubu Dogara as Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively.

The party also dismissed as the highest level of indiscipline and treachery the conduct of Tuesday’s elections that produced the heads of the two chambers.

In a statement issued Tuesday in Abuja, by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Lai Mohammed, APC insisted “Senator Bukola and Hon. Dogara are not the candidates of the APC and a majority of its National Assembly members-elect for the positions of Senate President and House Speaker.

He said the party duly met and conducted a straw poll and clear candidates emerged for the posts of Senate President, Deputy Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives, supported by a majority of all Senators-elect and members-elect of the House of Representatives, contending that all National Assembly members-elect who emerged on the platform of the party were bound by that decision.

“The party is supreme and its interest is superior to that of its individual members,” the statement declared.

“Consequently, the APC leadership is meeting in a bid to reestablish discipline in the party and to mete out the necessary sanctions to all those involved in what is nothing but a monumental act of indiscipline and betrayal to subject the party to ridicule and create obstacles for the new administration.”

The statement said, a situation in which some people, based on nothing but inordinate ambition and lack of discipline and loyalty, will enter into an unholy alliance with the very same people whom the party and indeed the entire country worked hard to replace and sell out the hard won victory of the party.

“There can be no higher level of treachery, disloyalty and insincerity within any party,” it added, threatening to pursue the matter using all constitutional and legal means available to it.

Meanwhile, the APC has asked all its loyal Senators-elect to please report to the Senate to be sworn-in so as to discharge their constitutional duties.