Saraki Asks Judge To Withdraw From Case

President of the Senate

By Dipo Awojobi – President of the Senate,  Bukola Saraki has again asked the chairman of the Code of the Conduct Tribunal (CCT), to withdraw from the case.

President of the Senate
President of the Senate

Kanu Agabi, the lead counsel to Saraki filed another application asking Umar to withdraw from the case.

“We have a motion before you. This motion as far as we are concerned is unopposed,” he said.

Akuta Pius Okeyima, the counsel to the federal government, who stood in for Rotimi Agabi, said the business of the day was to continue cross examination.

He also said he had received the application which a response had been filed.

“The buisness today is continuation of cross examination. We have filed our response to the process this morning.

“We were served with this process two days ago at 6pm.

“Yesterday evening, we were served with some further affidavit. We have responded and filed. We have opposed that application.”

However, he asked for permission to excuse Rotimi Jacobs, the lead counsel to the federal government saying that he was at the Court of Appeal.

Agabi however, asked that he be given more time to look at the response given to him by the opposing lawyers.

Umar however, adjourned the case till next Tuesday, June 21.

He also said Rotimi must be here on Tuesday and “I will hear it.”

Agabi responding said if the judge will move the decision of the motion till next Tuesday without discussing it means he has overruled but Umar disagreed.

“The proceeding that I intend to do might be your advantage but you can’t just say that I overruled your motion.,” said the judge.

Saraki had earlier asked Umar to withdraw from the case due to his case with the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

But on Thursday, April 21, Umar had thrown away the application by the Senate president asking him to withdraw from the trial.

In the application, Saraki argued that the CCT chairman was biased.

Saraki who has been undergoing trial since September 22, 2015 was charged with 16 counts of corruption.


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