Ramadan: Israel Donates Food Items To Support 770 Families, 3,400 Children

Israeli Prime Minister

News Investigators/ The Embassy of Israel in Nigeria has donated 770 cartons of food items to 770 families and 3,400 children in Muslim communities in Nigeria to commemorate the 2020 Ramadan.

Ambassador of Israel to Nigeria, Shimon Ben-Shoshan, on Wednesday presented 200 out of the 770 cartons of food items to Dr Muhammad Adams, Imam of the Abuja Central Mosque in Abuja.

Mr. Ben-Shoshan, also Permanent Representative of Israel to ECOWAS, said that the remaining cartons would be donated to Camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) and orphanages in Abuja.

“Amid Coronavirus pandemic all around the globe, we came here to tell you that we are celebrating together with Muslim community, not only in Ramadan, but Eid-al-Fitr.

“We should not let the Coronavirus defeat us; we should continue with our tradition, with our holidays, with our beliefs as human beings all around the globe.

“Our togetherness is not only for fighting the Coronavirus; we should learn lessons from the pandemic, which is for us to be together and remember that we are brothers.

“We should help each other and care for one another,” Ben-Shoshan said.

Similarly, Rabbi Israel Uzan, the Rabbi of Israel to Nigeria said the event presented an opportunity to share with many people in Nigeria and on different programme of humanity and learning together.

“What we are doing today is a time for me to express appreciation to the Imam for granting us opportunity to meet in this blessed of period of Ramadan.

“It is a period of the Omar and upcoming Jewish calendar; it is apt to find myself with my colleagues, the Ambassador and Imam in this Holy place and share something.

“I learned about the descendants of Abraham and my many brothers around the world; today I learned aspects of the Holy Quran from the Imam, which I truly appreciate.

“What has happened here is an example of the togetherness we can show to the world; many people hope to be at Mosques or synagogues but cannot due to the pandemic,” Uzan said.

Receiving the items, Dr Adams lauded the Israeli community in Nigeria for the show of concern to Nigerians.

“I appreciate what they brought to us and I also pray that Israel will find way of sitting together with their neigbours, the Palestinians, to iron out all the problems that is between them.

“This is so as to continue to live together in peace because that land is very important to the entire humanity,” Adams said.

The food items were donated by Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria in collaboration with ChabadAid and other companies.

The companies include MAG Tech System Ltd. and Brand Life Vision Foundation, an NGO.

NAN reports that the event featured knowledge sharing about the Quran, group photographs and delivery of the food items to the Imam by the Ambassador.


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